SMS & Email Marketing

What makes SMS & Email Marketing so cool?

SMS & Email Marketing are few of the first digital marketing tools. A broadcast of them helps you reach thousands of people. While the reach is vast, they give you the advantage of making your communication personal. They also help in curating and reaching out to extremely relevant audience.

SMS & Email Marketing


How will SMS & Email Marketing accelerate your growth?

SMS & Email Marketing ensure each burst of emails/SMSs is driven by a sole objective. The unified, focused approach makes it clearer for the consumer to understand. This ensures stronger relationship by keeping them updated with your latest offerings. It’s low-cost, easy to share and has a global reach as well.

What is the Acetrot advantage?

SMSs & Emails are the most primary communication tools. At Acetrot, we believe this makes them the most appealing ones. An Email is like the mail, after all. An SMS like a small letter. This gives us the scope of curating our communication specifically for the reader, in-tune with the marketing objectives.


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