Allow us to introduce ourselves!

We are Acetrot, a digital marketing hotshot agency delivering innovative Web Designing,
Mobile Application Development and other Digital-related services in Mumbai.
Our mission is to conceptualize and execute digital strategies that are
crafted to fulfill our client’s concerns.We enjoy the entire
process and ensure our clients do so as well!

Scan through our Digital DNA

Digital marketing isn’t just scrolling through endless pages and installing countless apps.
It is an attempt to reach out and make our lives better in new, effective ways.
Here’s an outline of our Digital Marketing DNA ingrained within us.





Technology - driven

Result - oriented

Optimistic / Organized


Here’s how it all began !

True passion for technology and innovation fuelled two guys to step into the arena of an already populated industry. It’s all because of the excitement they have for exploring, discovering and even delivering cutting-edge digital solutions for their clients.


Aiming to raise the bar of Digital Marketing and App Development in Mumbai.


Our core philosophy is naturally best reflected in our name and logo. Where ‘ace’ stands for ‘being number one’, ‘trot’ defines ‘exploration of technology’ in its true sense.

Our logo, a new design perspective of an arrow, symbolizes our drive to go up. Our drive of exploring different digital tools and focusing on those that ultimately benefit our clients.