Social Media Marketing

What makes Social Media Marketing so cool?

We don’t need to answer that question as we know you are busy liking, commenting and sharing through endless news feeds. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, Social Media Marketing goes beyond just posting images and videos. It builds engaging conversations for your audience to remember.



How will Social Media Marketing accelerate your growth?

By building conversations, Social Media Marketing ensures it showcases your desire to stay connected with your consumers in a fun way. No other digital medium gets closer to understanding them and helping you connect better with them.

What is the Acetrot advantage?

Acetrot knows each Social Media Platform is different. While Facebook is now video-friendly, Twitter is still content-friendly and instagram is visual-friendly. That’s just the basic! We understand the fundamental and intricate difference across all social media platforms. This reflects in our marketing strategies as well.




Define Social Media goals for the complete campaign according to the needs



Define the importance and weightage given to each platform



Define a course of Implementing the strategies and execute accordingly



Monitor the campaign across the platforms and ensure continuous engagement

Social Media Activities

Custom Creatives

Customized GIFs

Facebook Adverts

Promoted Posts

Creation of Social Media Platforms

Audit & Remedial Action

Comprehensive Social Media Calendar

Facebook Page - Tabs Integration

Contests & Promotions

Performance Report with Analytics

How Search Engine Works?

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