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Who doesn’t want to be on top of Google search results?

Everyone wants their website to be displayed on top on Google Search page. But getting up there is not an easy task. You need some special skills to take your site up there.

Have you ever wondered who decides or what makes your site to display on top?

The most important aspect that can reach you up to that level is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO affects the visibility of your website on the unpaid results page. The more frequent is your website on top, the more the visitors.

How Search Engine Works?

Search starts with the web and it is continuously growing day by day. There are 100 of millions of pages and ten times the content in it. Going through these huge data and displaying relevant queries to the user is a difficult task.
Search Engine keeps track of each data and maintains index of each word so that it becomes easy to find appropriate content for the user. It also looks to prevent spam sites from acting upon and takes action accordingly.

How having a good SEO can affect your Business?

Search engines serve millions of user per day and answer millions of queries posted by the user. So if you have a Website, Blog, or Online Store than SEO can help you grow your business.
The majority of the users click on top 5 results displayed on the search engine, and so you need to rank higher to get up there in top 5.
Basically SEO is a process wherein we carry out important on-page(on the website itself) & off-page activities to improve your website's content & backlinks, which in turn generates a higher rank for your website.
Contextual changes in the website are made as per the queries registered on a daily basis on the search engines.

Things SEO Can DO Things SEO Cannot Do
Improve the search engine friendliness of your website. Make your website irresistible to search engines so that it will rank for any keyword you desire.
Improve your website's ranking for a well-researched group of keywords over a period of months or years. Improve your rankings for the most competitive keywords in your industry within a few weeks.
Improve your website's rankings by utilizing a well planned and executed search engine optimization campaign, which will cost more than you would have guessed. Improve your website's rankings by using run-of-the-mill services such as free directory submissions, and "article writing", and doing it while keeping the cost no higher than your monthly budget for your morning coffee.
Leverage well written, useful, helpful, entertaining, or otherwise interesting content to mount a successful link building campaign which will result in ranking improvements. Leverage low-quality content that your nephew "wrote" (i.e., copied and partially reworded from Wikipedia articles).
Optimize your website's textual content by incorporating a select number of keywords into the text (not keyword-stuffing), and utilizing the new text to develop an internal link structure which helps magnify the importance of those keywords for the search engines. Optimize your website's content by using a secret keyword density (that only SEO's know) and help your site shoot up in search engine result pages for your most desirable keywords.

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