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What makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so cool?

Every second, millions of people are searching for something online. And they click any of the top 5 links that pop up. So, it’s very important to have your website appear whenever someone searches anything related to your business. This is where Search Engine Optimization gives you an added advantage.



How will SEO accelerate your growth?

SEO is a process where we create relevant and exciting on-page (website) and off-page content. This generates a lot of backlinks and in-turn helps generate a higher listing of the website during web searches. These changes are done on a regular basis, keeping up with the web search trends. Hence, leading to constant visibility during web searches.

What is the Acetrot advantage?

SEO is an exciting space to manage and regulate continuously. We implement well-planned and flexible SEO campaigns. With web search being a very dynamic scenario, each aspect is monitored by us and accordingly SEO solutions are provided to you.



Keyword research

Research and curate words that are relevant to the objectives


On-page optimization

Ensure optimization of words on the website


Off page optimization

Ensure optimization of words off the website



Prepare a tally of the results driven by the optimization

Search Engine Optimisation Activities

Initial Rank Report

Keyword Research

Penalty Check

Header Tags Optimization

HTML Code Cleanup

Image & link Optimization

Robots.txt Creation

HTML & XML Sitemaps

Content Optimization

Press Release

Onsite / Guest Blog

Monthly Reports

How Search Engine Works?

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